O.C. Raw!

Dexas pink mat and bowls


Harley, Keya and Neda’s puppy, is on a new diet of O.C. Raw which is proving to be a winner on so many levels. This high quality, high protein diet is a raw food product that can easily be stored in the freezer. When Harley sees that bag, she comes running! She absolutely ADORES it, and it’s the same for our other finicky pet friends at the office. This product has definitely proven its worth just seeing how excited our dogs get during meal times.

One huge noticeable benefit of her diet is that her, ahem… poo tends to be smaller, and less smelly. It comes out more like a hard pebble and if it’s left out in the backyard, it starts to dry up quickly and turn into a white powdery substance that just dissolves away with water. Very awesome for clean up!!!